Management Services


We work with you to provide high quality living in well run properties.
The best properties are well maintained.

  • We care about your property and implement preventative maintenance plans while handling routine upkeep.
  • We work with your trades or leverage our relationships to get you high quality services at reasonable prices.
  • We conduct inspections as required and bring forward any issues you need to know about.
  • We provide 24 hour emergency service with access to a service technician who can resolve issues in a timely way.
  • We keep you informed, organized and efficient so that you have effective and productive Board meetings
  • We work with you to keep you on top of any legislation, By -laws and other relevant information about condominiums.
  • We prepare financial and operational reports so that you are current on how the property is running.
  • We liaise between the Board and Unit Owners to maintain a smooth line of communication.
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  • Well maintained properties encourage long-term tenants.
    We can provide on-site, day-to-day maintenance for you or manage your caretaker. We negotiate and project manage trades as needed to prepare rental spaces and keep the property running smoothly.
  • Successful properties have great tenants!
    We screen prospective tenants, collect deposits and rent, field questions and follow-up on any complaints.
  • Tracking your Investment. We do the books and provide you with regular financial reports to keep you on top of your investment.
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Most home insurers require regular property checks. Who looks after your property while you’re away?

  • We will visit your home on a regular basis to ensure it is ok and take in the flyers.
  • We’ll cut the grass or shovel the walk just like you were home and doing it yourself.
  • If something goes wrong we’ll take care of it. We can be on-site and in charge quickly and we’ll keep you informed so that your mind is at ease.
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